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Guilty By Association

  This week on our podcast ( ) we talked about when is the right time to put space between two people or brands if you feel the other may affect you in a negative way. Let me give you some examples: Sometimes when I have two political clients, even if on the same ticket, I won't allow them to be photographed together because it is a failure to the base image. What does that mean? Well, your "base" has a set of ideals regardless if they are your ideals or not. Another person's base also has a set of ideals. Even if you love the guy it doesn't mean one base likes the other.  You may have an image issue, such as a sex scandal or DWI. Some might think those issues may affect the brand and would rather not associate with that. Some may choose to put distance for a time. Many cases are invalid and unwarranted. They are based on rumors or a fear of social status change. In other words, being removed from a society or group of individuals they idolize.  I

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