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Looking For Business Exposure?

As you have built your business, you most likely have gained loyal customers. The ones who shop consistently or return for their yearly reviews. You most likely have passed the point of worrying if the bills are going to get paid this month however, you find that you still do a great deal of introducing yourself.  If you have had a business for a decade and people still have to ask what you do you may not be spending where you should. Exposure can be broken down into sections. These sections apply to all businesses. 1. Name Recognition: Your logo, name, and tagline should sum up your business and be easy to recognize 2. Engagement: Are people following you but not engaging with you as a company? 3. Education: What you do, why you do it, and why I need it 4. Entertainment: Excitement and physical engagement 5. Content: Resources 6. Events Let's look over number one. That logo should be everywhere on everything and should represent who your company is as a whole. For example, even if

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