Business Plan Or Theology. Which Is Better?

Coming into 2021 you may have thought this was supposed to be better than 2020 right?

Where do I focus my energy?

There are new trends popping up by the minute and you can only hire so many people to manage the content while also running a functional business. So you may be asking where should I be focusing my valuable time and money.

Most people would suggest a business plan. You may even have one in place. That business plan probably did not have a global pandemic in the timeline. Maybe you started 2021 with a new business plan that did leave a valuable threshold for global changes. 

With new presidents come new restrictions, changes in tax implications, and market fluctuation.

Where does that leave your business plan if you have to live day by day on a whim of what chaos will come next?

In my opinion, 2021 will not be the year of the business plan. It will be the year of mentality and theology.

Think about it.

You spend a great deal of time planning the fine details of what you think you may be able to control but can not. What if you spent that time planning a theology to live by and for your employees to embrace. Layout a theology. Here are some tips for what should be in a Theology Handbook:

What is the mindset of the company? (a problem in which the company or product solves)

What is the purpose of the company? (a niche)

Who does the company represent? (a demographic)

What path is the company on? (future objectives)

What are the critical needs of the company? (prioritize employees' time, such as fundraising or social awareness.)

Set expectations and standards. (such as dress attire or branding of emloyees)

Identify roles. (who is needed and why)

By implementing this simple process, which does take some thought and heart, you can alleviate overhead spending and prioritize restructure of employees. This will bring revival to your organization as well as help employees to know their roles and expectations increasing productivity.

For help talking through these questions or laying out your Theology Handbook email

-Izzy Gentry


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