Are You A Contributor or A Consumer?


You may be thinking well, I am a business owner, so I must be a contributor. Not necessarily. You have taken some time to absorb the information needed to be successful in the work field. You have taken this knowledge like a bucket to a well. You have stored and cared for it. But at what point do you move from consumer to contributor?

You have been teetering on pulling the trigger. Telling yourself that you are not ready, that the launch is just months away, that your computers are more qualified, that you need to take just one more class or get one more degree. You have stationed your boat on the island and you are looking at an ocean of opportunity either thinking it is too big or that you really don't have anything worth something to offer.

As you listen to your own voice work against you in your head take inventory. This is how I get out of my own head space and embrace that I   have something worth sharing with other.


What am I capable of:_______ Ask yourself am I working at something for the pure joy of competion in a field I really am not gifted in or have I  been given a natural ability to thrive in this field I am in that defies odds in terms of others accessibility to education or money?

Who am I trying to reach _________ Is there a purpose to your work? Is there a real person who can benefit from your skill set or are you spinning wheels for the sake of moving around?

What made me do this to begin with ________ Was there someone who saw something in you or did you simply apply for a job and find yourself trapped for a paycheck?

Is there room for me to grow?_____ Is there a future for your small business or in your workplace? Can you grow or expand the company?

Have you taken temperature of your personal peace of mind______ What I mean by this is, have you asked yourself if your stress is coming from level of production or anxiety of growth?

I  have seen so many people, an unbelievable-able amount of charities and organizations that have stunted there own growth because of fear of growing too quickly. Though there is something to be said about growth that sky rockets quickly based on trends, I am specifically talking about a steady growth that is capturing and yet is capped because of intimidation.

You can not expand by simply being the consumer. You can take money in, add new volunteers, increase your followers, but at some point you have to start contributing. If you do not then what truly is your purpose?

If you have been struggling with making that transition I would love to hear more email

-Izzy Gentry


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